Personal Breakthrough Recovery

Our Signature Three-Step System to Identify, Breakthrough and Activate the changes in your life that you want to make. Change happens in hours not years of therapy or talking about the problem. In a one-to-one intervention, we are able to do the following generally in less than 5 client hours.

  • Identify what it is you really want to create in your life
  • Find the stories, beliefs, habits, conflicts, and attitudes that keep you from creating what you want
  • Remove and replace all that is getting in the way of you creating what you want
  • Activate your goals and action steps to accomplish the things you want

I support women to find the deepest levels of “Self”, very quickly, gently, with humor and relief! Laughter and tears happen often together as we make the changes you’ve always wanted. Clients sleep better, experience less stress, and experience a lighter countenance.

“Breakthroughs Happen when limiting thoughts and behaviors are challenged.”