Hello, I’m Leslie a mind power expert, educator, and strategist dedicated to helping you transform your life, easily and quickly by tapping into your core mind power. I help you change your relationship with yourself so you can make, the changese you want living  and happier! 

A farm girl from Hemet, California with a desire to be a financial planner if I couldn’t fly helicopters, I am proud to have finally created a business to help women, create the life they want. Through research-based processes, I help others recognize their core value and worth.  In the process, they become happier, healthier as well as master creators of their lives. 

One of the things I am often asked is, “Why are you excited about this?”  After my second divorce, I realized that all of my beliefs and lack programs had created this life that I no longer wanted. I set out to learn the tools of change and kept learning until I could master change for myself and for others. These tools are magical for producing fast change.

It was then I could finally, create the life, relationship, experiences and income that I wanted. Now, I get to help others quickly and easily make the changes they want instead of slugging along in pain, rehashing the past in a therapist’s office. 

One of the things I am often asked is,
“Why are you so excited about this?”

One day a neighbor greeted me while I was crossing the street, I collapsed then and there into a sobbing pool in the street. 

My neighbor dusted me off, took me home, made me some tea and I shared what had happened in the last 5 weeks. 

My older sons had moved away to college, my husband had walked out, as an appraiser in a real estate crisis, my job was non-existent, my youngest son didn’t want to live with us, and went to a boarding school for some support, and the city had called the night before to say that while working on our fencing, they had let my faithful walking companion out of the gate. She had been killed in traffic. Therefore, when my neighbor had said, “Good morning, Leslie, where is your dog?” it was the breaking point for me. 

I spent three days at my friends house hiding under the covers. Barely leaving the room. Then, I realized that as a mom, I have to be an example of resilience in difficulty to my boys. I got out a piece of paper, wrote down what I wanted in my life and how I was going to create it. Then I got busy taking inspired action. This including learning new life tools.

I invested in learning, first with a master’s degree and a performance coaching certification (Which tripled my income). Then in learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cinical Hypnosis and other tools of change, which more than doubled my income once again. As began to change my beliefs about myself and what was possible, then about money and what was possible I really began to change my life. I now have a long-term (8 Year) relationship with a wonderful man and we’ve created a beautiful life and home together.

I believe that anyone can create their life, relationships as well as financial independence even in today’s world. It starts at the belief level. Once a person clears up their baggage, decisions and beliefs that are contrary to real love, abundance, attracting health, happiness and money becomes easy.

There aren’t any money problems, there are just belief, thinking, and idea problems. Which brings me to you

I am here to serve and to make a difference in this world. Through my workshops, trainings, one-to-one and our group classes I help you clear anything keeping you from living the life you want. My clients release negative emotions, change their beliefs, and increased their self-worth, confidence and align their beliefs with wealth in order to begin to create it.

When you know your financial value you can easily ask for a raise, get more clients, and/or create assets to make more money while monitoring the important relationships in life. Anxiety about the future ceases to exist as you learn to create it.

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