It’s Paradigms that Control Everything,

I Help You Change Them First! Then Easily Make Life Changes

Money | Health | Life | Relationships

Fast and Easy Change

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

and Other Research Based Practices

Clients Design the Life, Relationships, Money and Health They Want!

  • Have you suffered a personal setback?

  • Do you want to move your life to the next level?

  • Are you struggling to let go of the past?

  • Do you need more money in a job or business?

  • Are you overwhelmed with finances, and emotions after loss?

New Life Paradigm helps you manage the emotions that have you spinning so that you can create the life, income, relationships, and experiences that you want and a future that you love!

Finally: Find Your Value | Release Emotions | Change Your Beliefs | Raise Your Esteem | Command You’re Worth | Resolve Decisions | Love Yourself | Find Joy

Make Your Life Work for You again, or for the First Time!

First, If you are challenged by overwhelming emotions or decisions, grab the above “How to Stop Overwhelm in its Tracks in Under 30 Minutes.” or if you’re divorced Email us for a copy of your, “Newly Single Thriving (not Survival) Guide,” and get out of survival mode for good! Next, read and implement these processes! You will learn strategies that help you resolve your emotions and overwhelm, immediately. Then, we’ll help you lose your anxiety and replace it with calm, confidence in your future. Later, we help you find something more enjoyable, providing the support you need. Finally, you will learn five ways to change your finances for the better.

Life has many ups and downs, however, this is the beginning of your new life, and we’ll show you how to double your income, wellness, and happiness. Fortunately, New Life Paradigm servicing Nevada and California offers real solutions to design and create life the way you want. Learn more about how our workshops, group, and individual, world-renowned wellness programs can help you today, and start THRIVING Now!

Get Out of the Dark!

Business loss, this pandemic, divorce and other setbacks, take a toll, many people can’t stop thinking about their life, afterward. Happily, New Life Paradigm (NLP) offers researched-based therapeutic release from anger and frustration so that you can communicate your boundaries and respond appropriately, rather than react. Now, NLP offers a release of fear and anxiety, so you can bravely design your future

Also, clients release sadness, hurt, and guilt so that they can find joy and fulfillment in their lives to move forward.  Finally, NLP Clients improve their core beliefs, so that they can bring their real value to the world to make more money and more fulfilling careers and relationships. Additionally, they improve their communication skills which enhance business, careers and/or sales. Lastly, NLP helps people perform better, with less anxiety. Contact us today, and see for yourself.

Design and Create Your Life!

Whether you want to feel better after a loss, get rid of a dead-end job, or have money challenges that keeps you in anxiety, STRESS, or depression, or.. YOU JUST WANT TO UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE, we have rea, fast solutions to support your new life. First, we help you manage the emotions and overwhelm of the situation. Next, we help you look at the core beliefs, attitudes, and things stopping you. Then, we help you double your money in a job or business. In addition, you will have happier relationships, in the workplace and at home. You will also release negative emotions and beliefs about youreself As always, we guarantee you can have a huge breakthrough with our individual breakthroughs.

Conveniently, we provide home study courses and group programs to fit every budget. If you’re ready to get started, just contact us to schedule an appointment. Take action now and see if you are READY to finally break through to the life you deserve!