Theme: Inner Exploration

Creating a strong inner relationship with money is the most important thing you can do to begin to attract money into your life. This week we will look at your current inner relationship and find ways to shift it to a stronger one. 

Do you feel worthy to make more money? Some people struggle with this. If you have any doubt about your worth, it will undermine your determination to make more. Today we will discuss how to increase your feeling of worthiness.

Once you have watched this video, here are your action steps

  • Put 10 post-it notes to self on your mirror, car dashboard and/or wherever you will see them reminding yourself of your infinite worth
  • Write a “I am worthy” mantra to say to yourself that helps you realize you are worthy to have money, keep money, save money and have it work for you.
  • Say your mantras often, 10 times to yourself in the mirror when you first arise and multiple times per day.

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